Missed an anniversary

Missed an anniversary

I was listening to The Archers (long running BBC radio soap opera), as I tend to in the morning while walking the dogs, and yesterdays episode (I am usually a day behind as I listen on the BBC Sounds app) was mostly about Alice and her ex-boyfriend Harry and their struggles with alcoholism, when I realized that I missed an anniversary last week- Tax Day (April 15) 1999 was the day I gave up drinking, so this year it has been 25 years.

I suppose that fact that I missed it is probably a good thing, as it shows that it really doesn’t rank very highly in importance my life any more, but I thought it might be nice to acknowledge and thank the people who made it possible: mostly my amazing wife, my daughter (whose impending arrival made it very important at the time), the rest of my family, George Packard, my then boss, and the folks at St. Vincent’s. Here’s to the next 25 years 🙂

(The use of the AA chip image is a little deceitful as I don’t go to AA meetings, but I am a huge supporter of their work for those who it helps, so I think they’d forgive me borrowing it).

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  1. It is good to reflect on the good things and the good people that have been in our lives that made it better. I think George did that for many of us and loved seeing him honored by you! Congratulations!!!

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