Photogrammetry #3

Photogrammetry #3

I had posted my previous model on Reddit in the photogrammetry sub, and I got a message from the developers of a website called One3D from Sofia, Bulgaria complimenting me on it and asking me to try their system.

Their system is extremely simple- you take your pictures, upload them to their website, wait a few hours and they email you a link to the model- their computers do all the heavy lifting, so while it is not quite as satisfying (and/or frustrating) as figuring it out for yourself, I have to say that the models it creates are actually slightly better. This is from the same set of pictures that I used in my previous post:

The navigation is a little different from the other one: To move in 3D space hold left click on the mouse or the trackpad and move the cursor. To rotate the view place the cursor on a specific point in the 3D space that will act as the axis, then press and hold the scroll button on the mouse while moving it around. To zoom in or out, simply position the cursor on any point in the 3D space and use either the scrolling wheel or the scrolling option on your trackpad. To fix the view to one of the 4 cardinal directions (North, East, South or West), click on the according initial (N/E/S/W) from the top right orange direction buttons. To reset the view to default, click on the middle (home) button between the top right orange direction buttons.

And if you want to be able to view it fullscreen click here and then click on the little orange box in the bottom left with the 4 arrows.

It looks like they are just starting up because they have been very responsive to a couple of comments and suggestions I have sent them, so I wish them luck! Their business model is that the first model you do is free, and after that each one is charged at €0.01/image you upload- so this model with 676 pictures would have cost me 6.76 ($7.45), quite a reasonable cost considering their computers do all the work and they then host the high-quality model that you can share as well 🙂

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