Drizzly lunchtime in the Woods

Drizzly lunchtime in the Woods

Took my A7iii to the Woods this lunchtime, with a couple of favorite lenses: my Helios 44M 58mm f/2 and my Auto-Takumar 35mm f/2.3. It was a little murky and damp, but that just made all the leaves that much shinier 🙂

Then I came home and edited everything on my new (refurbished) MacBook Air M1.

Yes, I have rejoined the dark side 😉 Haven’t had a Mac since the first computer Jackie and I bought back in 1994- that was a Performa 575 (which we still actually have in storage) that actually cost more almost 30 years ago than this new one cost me today (even with Jackie’s educator discount)! I will still mostly use my main Windows desktop for photo stuff, but through the magic of Smart Previews in Lightroom it’s nice to be able to do the initial editing with my feet up on the sofa 🙂

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