Welcome Bruce

Welcome Bruce

This is Bruce, my one indulgence from Amazon Prime Days last week. He is a Shark AI self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner (and named Bruce by Crispy after another famous robot shark).

So far he has wandered around and mapped the house, and now he is on his first, real cleaning run. Walter is keeping a close eye for the moment (but a few minutes later decided he was no threat and went back to sleep). The dogs are mostly ignoring him, though he did bump into Holly in the middle of the floor a little earlier and she graciously moved out of his way.

He seems to have found his way into the recesses of Crispy’s room without a problem 😉

He has a setting where he goes back to his base and empties his on-board dust cup every half hour, and his base is supposed to have enough room for 30 days of cleaning- but I don’t think they had our crazy shedding dogs in mind- I suspect we’re going to need to empty it a little more often than that!

But so far so good- he’s actually pretty quiet and Holly (who is a bit deaf at this point admittedly) is already ignoring him:

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