Cloud inversion

Cloud inversion

So I went up the hill to the clearing this morning with the dogs as usual, and kicked myself because when I got there there was an almost perfect cloud inversion in the valley below (when the cloud fills the valley but is clear above). I did not have a camera with me, not even my cell phone as I had left it at the house with Jackie where there is wifi (there is no cell coverage here) in case Crisp called- today is the day a film crew from Apple TV is using the parking lot and the buildings back at the church and Crisp is in charge but I wanted someone to be available in case of questions.

So I walked briskly back to the cabin, collected my Sony camera and a tripod, and headed back up (this time with just Faith). When I got back to the top I thought I had missed it as the cloud had risen up to put the clearing in mist, but I did get this shot…

…however the cloud lowered down again and I was able to get what I hope will be some very nice shots. I shot bracketed exposures so they will have to wait until I get back to edit them properly (these are just simple RAW conversions on my Chromebook), but this gives you an idea 🙂

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