We’ve come a long way….

We’ve come a long way….

Today is the anniversary of our first online service, when we thought we would be just closing the doors for a couple of weeks. We were lucky enough to have a couple of remote control SD cameras in the church, along with a decent (if a little old) sound system. Combined with me and a laptop running OBS we came up with this:

Looking back, it wasn’t half bad for what we had and no real experience!

But fast forward to today, and we have been lucky enough to be blessed with a Rector with the vision to see what was needed, a Vestry who supported her, and staff (especially in the music department) who have totally risen to the occasion! We have new cameras, new microphones and mixers, new streaming software and hardware, and this is what Crisp (who mixes the video) and I do every Sunday:

It’s not perfect by any means, we learn a little something every week, but it’s so much better than it was 🙂 If you are interested in how this evolved you can look at our “online services” playlist from the last year here. you can also look back in this blog as much of how this has all developed has been documented here.

And a perfect example is this video that we played into this morning’s service, a video montage of the last year backed by the choir:

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