New box :)

New box :)

I have spent a very happy day setting up my new computer (it looks just the same coz it’s just the CPU that’s been changed).

I am replacing the HP workstation I’ve been using for the last 5 years or so with a new, Dell workstation. I know a lot of people use gaming rigs for photo editing etc., but I really like the workstations as they are built for reliability 🙂 I got this one for a song from the Dell refurbished outlet and it has a modest, but pretty speedy, Xeon 6-core processor and a kick-ass Nvidia 2080 ti graphics card with 11GB of video RAM. It also came with a shit-ton of system RAM: 64GB- which I have doubled to 128GB (way more than anyone could ever really use, but I’ve been playing around with RAM-disks… more about that later I’m sure).

I have moved most of the old drives and peripherals over from the old system to the new and am almost done setting up all the software I use, and it’s all gone mostly smoothly (apart from a quick run to Microcenter in Yonkers to get a cable I didn’t realize I didn’t have).

A few minor issues to troubleshoot, but I’ve solved them all so far with Google’s help; what a nice, relaxing way to spend a day off 🙂

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