Sneaking one more in under the wire…

Sneaking one more in under the wire…

One more Russian lens that I had forgotten about 😉 this is the Industar-61 55mm f/2.8. It arrived in the middle of all the Christmas rush and I had gotten such a deal on it and it had taken so long to ship I just put it to one side.

Made since the 70s (and apparently still in production today) this is a Leica 39mm mount, rangefinder lens, and according to the serial number mine is from 1993. It is amazing how “agricultural” the Russian lenses look against the Japanese ones- compare this to the Auto-Takumar from yesterday, which looks so much more sleek and refined despite being 30 years older!

But takes some nice pictures (again, it was very dreary today so I’ve gone mostly B&W), though it does have some odd focus defects away from center, especially wide open!

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