Naughty Amazon!

Naughty Amazon!

Yesterday and today are Amazon “Prime Days”, when they try and unload all the crap they couldn’t persuade people to buy when they were stuck at home under quarantine. And usually there’s not that much to get excited about unless you need a new TV… but they did have a very nice deal on a flymore package with the smallest of the DJI drones, the Mavic Mini, which I just couldn’t pass up 😉 And it arrived in less than 24 hours.

It’s actually a step down in quality from my other drone, the Mavic Pro, as although it is newer and basically has the same 12MP sensor it doesn’t shoot RAW (but I’m hoping that either they will fix that with a firmware update of someone will hack it) and doesn’t do fun stuff like auto bracketing and panoramas etc., but it is tiny in comparison (and quite a lot quieter)! It literally fits in the palm of your hand and weighs in at almost a third of it’s big brother (249g vs 734g), which makes it ideal as a “take anywhere” and “fly for the fun of it” drone that I can take to the woods or throw up anytime there’s an event or something fun going on outside at a moments notice.

And it takes surprisingly good pictures, even though they’re only jpg; these have had minimal tweaking in Lightroom:

It’s diminutive size and weight means it gets buffeted by the wind (and it was windy this afternoon), so the pano and the tries I made at HDR were not totally successful, but I’m really pleasantly surprised 🙂

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