Church AV

Church AV

They stayed late to finish installing and setting up the new church video screens, and they look awesome!
I can’t get over how well they blend in with the building, and when they’re retracted they almost disappear 🙂
More and better pictures to follow….

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  1. Are they out for the whole service? Notice no prayer books or hymnals in the pews; so are they retracted during the sermon only?

  2. We have removed the prayer books and hymnals because of Covid 19, and we are not printing bulletins either- the screens will allow us to display the text of Psalms and prayers etc. as well as video of recorded musical pieces by the choir.

    They have done a fantastic job of installing them so that when they are retracted they blend into the woodwork and you would hardly know they are there. And when they are down they have been very carefully placed to not distract from the beauty of our main window or take the focus from the altar. I think they will be a wonderful tool that, used discretely, will enhance the worship in many ways 🙂

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