8 lives left

8 lives left

Walter was the subject of Mary’s sermon this morning, but this afternoon at about 5 o’clock Jackie was interrupted at home by someone banging on our door to tell her that a black and white cat had been hit by a car but had got up and run away.

She called me and we managed to corner Walter who was panting and freaked out and bleeding from his mouth, but he managed to get away from us and ran. We finally tracked him down in a tiny crawl-space under the sacristy where we could see him but not get in to reach him, so all we could do is go home and set all the flaps to in-only and hope he would come home.

And about 4 hours later he did, so we scooped him up and flew to the emergency vet in White Plains where they checked him over, did an ultrasound and an x-ray, and told us that he seems to have been extremely lucky! He has a broken tooth, a scraped up chin, and a swollen face on one side, but he doesn’t seem to have broken his jaw or have any internal injuries. The rest of the tooth will have to come out in due course, but for now he’s home and on painkillers and very cross that all the flaps are closed and he can’t leave!

Basically he got his bell rung, and hopefully will have learned his lesson about crossing the street.

And I can’t say enough about how nice the people at the Veterinary Emergency Group in White Plains are (and how lucky we are to have a facility like that 15 minutes away)- I called them as Jackie was driving us there and they sent me a link so we could get him all checked in before we arrived. And when we got there he was immediately seen by a vet with 2 assistants who were all kind, efficient and pleasant and let us be with him and kept us informed every step of the way- and all for less than I’ve paid for a regular check-up in Rye!

(the pictures are as we were leaving, very relieved, to bring him home)

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