Fireman’s Circle

Fireman’s Circle

(officially “Daniel E. Balls Circle”)

I thought I heard a crash or something at about 2:30am this morning, but the dogs didn’t bark and there were no sirens so I went back to sleep.

Turns out it was another high-speed car chase- a stolen Mercedes hit the curb of the circle at about 100mph, went airborne, took out the statue, and ended up in the yard of the house on the other side…

And apparently the car thief ran off and was not caught!

I’m glad no-one was hurt, but the cops have got to stop these high-speed chases through suburban neighborhoods! I know the real answer is that people should stop stealing cars, but no car is worth someones life and this is the second high-speed chase that has ended up wrecked on the same traffic circle in three weeks!

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