Building “Isaias”

Building “Isaias”

So, while the everyone was sheltering from the ravages of Hurricane Isaias, the rest of the parts had arrived so I hunkered down to put together my new work computer. This will probably be very boring for the non-geeks out there, but here is a little build gallery…

So, a couple of notes… This will have to be my workhorse computer for many years (I’ve been using my last work computer since 2013), so I tried, within reason, to future proof it as much as possible. It will also be used extensively for graphic and especially video editing, so I added lots of RAM and a hefty GPU, and that is also the reason for the two M.2 drives- they are the fastest type of drive you can currently get, and so one is for the operating system and the other is solely as a “scratch” drive for my NLE, Davinci Resolve (video editing software), that benefits immensely from a set up like this. And Windows? yes, afraid so. Even though Davinci does actually have a Linux variant I just needed better integration with our big, production copier etc… I will probably install Ubuntu as a dual-boot down the line.

So, here it is, doing what it was designed to do, editing a Sunday service, and wow is it smooth and fast! …

Oh, and it’s called “Isaias”. I wanted a Biblical name, and the storm raging outside while I was building it was the remnants of Hurricane Isaias, which is the Spanish/Portuguese variant of Isaiah (which is where I also am at the moment in the complete KJV I’m listening to on Audible while I’m walking the dogs).

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