A vegan 4th

A vegan 4th

Crisp is doing a summer class (it means he can take a lighter workload for the fall semester) for his Liberal Studies major called “Food”. And as part of this weeks work he has to go a whole day without eating any animal products- basically eat vegan for the day- and document his feelings on it, and of course he picked today.

Jackie went to briefly visit with family so I decided to join him in this experiment, and we headed to Wholefoods this morning to see what we could find. And after a PBJ for lunch this is what we had for dinner: habanero veggie burgers with vegan cheese, fresh onion and tater tots, followed by vegan “Oreos”…

The veggie burgers got a big thumbs up, but the vegan “cheddar” cheese was revolting- even Faith wouldn’t touch it- we ended up scraping it off. But the cookies were excellent, I think I would have to say that I actually preferred them to the real thing.

A fun little experiment, and for someone with quite narrow taste in food I think Crisp has actually learned something- and we are going to add a meatless day each week to our menu planning 🙂

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