Lights, camera…

Lights, camera…

We have just found out from the Bishop that in-person worship is suspended until at least July (unless something radical happens). I had been spending a lot of the week tidying up the wiring and other things in the church in the hope that we might be letting people back in soon- but it’s not wasted as eventually we will need the pews again, just not as soon as we’d all hoped.

One of the things that doing livestreaming has really shown is how lousy the lighting is in the church. If you look back at a couple of the earlier services we did, before I brought in my big, photographic lights, you can really see the difference. But having lightstands with huge softboxes on them in the pews would not be great once we have people coming back in, and we know that whenever that happens we will still need to continue livestreaming for quite a while for those who can’t or don’t want to come back to church in person; so I have been experimenting with mounting some new lights on the columns at the front of the church.

These lights are not full theatrical lights (which are hugely expensive!) which would be controllable from a proper lighting board (one day!), but they are dimmable by a control on them and as they are LED they give about 500W equivalent light for only about 60W- which means they run cool to the touch (without needing a fan) and they don’t overstress our slightly ancient wiring 😉 They are a “daylight” color temperature, but they come with a 3200K, or “warm” filter, which helps them to blend in with our mostly incandescent lights in the church. They were on sale for about half price at B&H, and I like them so much I have another two coming next week for the other side of the church!

I have also gotten a new camera, to replace my personal Sony A7iii which I was using. This is a Panasonic Lumix FZ300 (also on sale at B&H), a slight downgrade in quality from the Sony as It has a much smaller image sensor, but with an equivalent 25-600mm constant f/2.8 lens I will be able to mount it at the back of the church when people come back and still get a decent close-up of the pulpit, and the slightly lower quality picture matches better with the cell phones I’m using as the other cameras- it’s less of a jolt when cutting between them- while still being orders of magnitude better then the old SD cameras we were using before all of this!

So the church is getting a little neater even though it looks like we’ll be doing this without a congregation in the pews for at least another couple of months. But I’m learning all the time and I think it shows in the quality of our output 🙂

Now we’ve just got to fix the issue that means none of the speakers in the church are working at the moment, but that’s a whole nother post for another day…

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