Editing station

Editing station

A while ago I upgraded one of my monitors to 4k (essentially just higher resolution = more detail) and have found it a huge help when photo editing, but my second monitor was just plain old HD, so it was a huge pain when I moved my cursor from one to the other as the resolutions didn’t match up.

So, since I have been doing a lot more video editing recently I decided to do a little upgrade and bring my second monitor up to 4k too.

So, there is my original Samsung on the left, and the new Sceptre on the right (it’s the cheapest 4k video you can get on Amazon, but the reviews were pretty good, and so far I’m very impressed).

The third monitor at the top is just a bonus 😉 As part of this project I upgraded my computer’s video card from the Nvidia Quadro K620 it came with to a new Quadro P1000. This is not a huge leap, but it is faster and does have twice the graphics memory (4GB) and it makes a significant difference both in Lightroom and in Davinci Resolve! As it is a “pro” video card it is not optimized for gaming but does allow graphic applications to offload some of the processing to the card, and as a bonus it will drive up to 4 x 4k monitors 🙂

This third monitor is not even close to 4k (it’s a 1600×900 19.5″ Acer I had in storage), but as it’s mounted above it’s less of a pain going from the 4k to this, and it’s a huge advantage to have an extra screen to have folders and email etc. open in when I’m video editing and using all the real estate of the main screens-

It would be nice to be able to upgrade my slightly aging Xeon CPU, but that’s not going to happen for a little while, so for now this makes enough of a difference for it to feel new and zippy 🙂

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