More Slingstudio fun…

More Slingstudio fun…

More geek-speak ahead….

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to work out a better way to control audio while livestreaming the service using our new Slingstudio.

The problem is that the soundboard is in a little room at the back of the church, and because of the solid construction of the building and all the organ pipes etc. between there and where I had to put the hub to get good signal from the cameras at the back of the church, when I try and control the video from there the signal from the iPad to the hub is just too flaky.

So… this evening I finished up setting up a new control station in the handicapped pew at the back of the church where I can control all the audio and video from one spot. It was actually kind of fun trying to work out how to do this with only the stuff I have on hand- kind of like that scene is Apollo 13 🙂

I’m using the small powered mixer that I usually use in the Parish Hall; it has a built in amp, but I’m not using it to power any speakers, purely as a mixer. It took a little lateral thinking to work out how to get 4 mics, a stereo feed from a laptop and a stereo feed from the main board (8 sources) into a six channel mixer, but I managed it using an aux return for the feed from the main board (so I can set up a preset mix of wired mics for instruments and singers and feed that into the this mix) and even worked out how to send an aux signal from the laptop feed back to the main board and on to a set of speakers so that the clergy can hear anything I play in for cuing purposes. I also added the TV that came back from Crisp’s dorm room as a program monitor and moved out the two laptops so I have one to feed into the Sling and one to control YouTube and monitor the feed.

This is really where the sound board should have been all along, but for the duration of the current situation I think it’ll work quite nicely. And I kept notes so when this is all over I can put everything back 😉

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