Livestream #3

Livestream #3

We did our third livestreamed Sunday service this morning, the second with the Slingstudio system. Above is the workstation I have set up for myself at the back of the church- from left to right: the audio mixer with mic feeds diverted the main soundboard, the TV is showing the program output (and gives me a headphone feed to send to a speaker for cuing from prerecorded videos), the iPad which runs the vision mixing, an old Chromebook with the slides for the on-screen text, an old laptop showing the YouTube livestream so I know it’s getting out, and another laptop with our YouTube channels livestream management window.

It went extremely well! and apart form being a little late with one of the slides in the Confession (the first bunch of on-screen text) I think I did pretty well and am quite proud of myself 🙂

You can see the progression of our online capabilities with all three of the services we have done here, or you can just watch this service below…

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