Just got back from my third trip to Costco this morning!

I realized when I put the winter tires on Jackie & Crisp’s cars that the all-seasons they had on the rest of the time were looking a little past their best (especially on Crisp’s, due to an old alignment issue that was fixed a while back). So when I saw that Costco had a big sale ($150 off a set of 4) on Michelins last week , and I had just done our taxes, I pounced and used some of our coming refund to get new tires for both cars. I also took the opportunity to get one size larger tires for Crisp’s car (you can go one size wider on the same rims if you adjust the sidewall percentage too) and got 185/65s to replace the old 175/70s for that little extra grip 🙂

They called me earlier this week to say they were in; so this morning, first thing, I drove Jackie’s set of wheels down to them, then I came home and picked up Crisp’s and took them over, by which time Jackie’s were done and could be brought home, which just left one last trip to go and pick up Crisp’s 😉

I’m not taking the winter tires off yet (I have a horrible suspicion winter is not quite done with us yet), but when I decide to I have two complete sets of lovely, new Michelin Defenders ready to put on 🙂

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