Cool sounds!

Cool sounds!

I’m terribly happy with our new (to us) Honda Fit, one of the only small wrinkles is that it is a model from just before Bluetooth became pretty much standard in cars, so I had to use an FM adapter which didn’t work terribly well. So this weekend I replaced the factory stereo with a new one- below is the before…

And here is the after…

It’s a “Boss Audio” unit from Crutchfield, not terribly expensive, but it has all the features I wanted- a good, fairly powerful, amp, a touchscreen, bluetooth phone and audio from my phone, and Android Auto– a very nice feature for longer trips that means that when I plug my phone into it it will both charge my phone and will put the apps from my phone on the radio’s screen, so I can have Google Maps or Waze on the screen while listening from music or audiobooks from Google Play Music or Audible, and control them using my voice through the Google Assistant. And it lets you choose your own wallpaper so I uploaded a fun Tardis one (see the last picture above).

And it has a hookup for a backup camera 🙂 so I found one that mounts right into one of the license plate lights on Amazon. It’s the little black box with the 4 white dots in the corners (those are infra red LEDs for when it’s dark) above the top left corner of the license plate. It took a little ingenuity to work out how to run the wiring to it, but the whole thing only took a couple of hours.

It’s hooked into the reversing light circuit so it comes onto the screen automatically as soon as you put the car in reverse (and it lowers the radio volume as well- a nice touch) and disappears again as soon as you move to drive. The picture above is a little blotchy as it was raining and there’s some water on the camera lens, but it works remarkably well to show you what’s in the blind spot directly behind the car (and the parking guides are adjustable in the radio settings which is helpful as the camera is mounted slightly off-center). It’s no replacement for proper reversing protocol, but being able to see that blind spot is going to be a great help for someone like me who is often in a parking lot with unpredictable dogs (Saxon Woods) and small children (the church) running around!

All in all, a very nice little upgrade 🙂

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