An “auto” afternoon

An “auto” afternoon

Jackie has spent the afternoon helping out at a basketball tournament at her school, so I took advantage of the warm weather (63F!) to do a few things to the TARDIS.

We’ve had it for a week now, and I’m extremely happy with it πŸ™‚ So, as well as adding the decals, I installed the window deflectors I had ordered- these are custom made pieces of dark plastic that go along the top of the windows and allow you to leave the windows open an inch either while driving or parked and won’t let the rain in. For a car that is mostly used for transporting often-wet dogs they are a Godsend as it can air out and stays much cooler when parked in the sun!

Then, after a quick trip to the new Autozone in Port Chester (I do love an auto parts store!), I cleaned and treated all the windows with Rain-X (a product that makes them slightly hydrophobic so the rain beads off and the wipers work better- I also find it makes it much easier to remove ice and snow), buffed out a couple of small scratches in the paint, and cleaned the headlights (over time the plastic lenses get cloudy, but a quick treatment with a special product makes them clear and shiny again). Then for good measure I did Crispy’s car’s headlights and windows too πŸ™‚

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