All it takes is a little Faith!

All it takes is a little Faith!

It is now officially a year since we signed the paperwork to formally adopt Faith- we had agreed to foster her for a couple of weeks to see how she would fit into our family but after 10 days we knew she was here to stay 🙂

What a long way she is from the anxious and frightened dog who had to be separated by an empty pen from the other dogs in the shelter, and who we were told would “take a while to warm up to new people- especially men”. It didn’t take long at all for her and Holly to become fast friends and start playing together, and (apart from one scary moment at the beginning) she has made Saxon Woods her own domain and Holly and her are to be found terrorizing the local squirrel population every morning. And she is totally now a true “family” dog- she greets every one of us effusively when we return home, and has to check in with Jackie almost every night for some intense quiet time (she does spoil them a little). And though I don’t think Sasha will ever really forgive us for bringing another dog into the house, they can be in the same room together and do occasionally bump noses and say hi.

So, here’s to her first year with us- we’re so glad she came and we look forward to a great many more!

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