New year…

New year…

…new (green) web host.

Thinking along the same lines as the installation of our new led lights around the church, I moved my website to a new host today. Data centers are one of the biggest users of energy today, so I was pleased to find a web host that tries to offset the energy they use by buying 3 times as much energy from wind farms as they use and putting it back into the grid; this makes them, as they put it, “300% green”, you can read more about this here.

So this morning I opened an account with them and for most of the day they have been migrating my entire site to their servers for me (this is a nice service they offer). I have just switched the DNS (which tells your browser where to go when you type in my url) and by now it should have propagated most of the way around the world, As far as I can tell everything seems to be working OK (if you spot something that isn’t, let me know), and the fact that their hosting has a couple of nice things on the back end that should make things a little more zippy (and is about half the price of the old one) makes me very happy 🙂

I still have a few things to tweak… but that’s half the fun 😉

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