AV upgrade

AV upgrade


Did a little clean up and upgrade in my AV room in the church.

I finally retired the venerable Linux computer that has been running in there for almost 11 years (it’s longest period without a reboot was over 2 years, and it only got rebooted then because of a power outage!). But it’s gotten a little long in the tooth and the browser is no longer supported so it won’t let me open Google Play or Facebook etc.

I could have reinstalled Linux using a newer distro, but I decided to use a Windows laptop I had from another project (I’m not quite as radically anti-windows as I used to be) with a neat little USB video capture dongle which seems to work very nicely 🙂 It should actually allow me to record at a higher quality than the old set up because of the newer processor (though it can’t get too much better as the cameras are only SD), well see how it performs tomorrow…

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