Immortalized bagel

Immortalized bagel

Back at the end of September we took the Confirmation Class on a retreat to a YMCA camp upstate. At one point while we were there the kids ended up playing hockey with a bagel one of them had saved in their pocket from breakfast, and the battered bagel ended up taking on mythical status and became kind of mascot. It came home with us and I have kept it, dried and hard and stale, in a bag in my office and it has been brought out to great hilarity at our various class meetings since.

I decided that it what’s left of it deserved to be properly preserved, so on my day off yesterday I tried out a little crafting and chemistry and encased it in resin…

It looks a little like a preserved science experiment, and there are a few more bubbles in the resin than I’d like, but for a first try at this technique I think it’s not half bad! And I can’t wait to see the looks on the kids faces when they come into the next class and it’s sitting in the middle of the table 😉

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