Zenitar 16mm Fisheye

Zenitar 16mm Fisheye

I had a little surprise in the mail today… a lens arrived form Russia that I had pretty much forgotten I’d bought 🙂

It’s an MC Zenitar-M2.8/16, a very wide-angle, manual 16mm Fisheye f/2.8-22 lens. It’s an old, Russian design, but I think they are actually still making them. I had bid on it way back at the beginning of the summer and won it for about $75 (including shipping!) and had promptly forgotten all about it.

Anyway, it arrived today- in the usual small, brown cardboard box, wrapped with tape with Cyrillic characters on it and a customs sticker from Saint Petersburg. Inside was a huge roll of bubble wrap swaddling the lens, which is in amazing shape! I think I lucked out with this one because it looks almost brand new- there is no case or anything other than the lens and the caps- but there are no scratches or marks on the glass, and the body is super clean. According to the serial number it was manufactured in 2018, and a website I found recommends getting one made before ’91 or after ’16, so I’m very happy 🙂

Though I’d already been to the woods early this morning I decided to pop back (knowing the dogs wouldn’t complain) to put it through it’s paces. And it’s great! It’s going to take a little bit of getting used to as it has a 180 degree filed of view diagonally, but it certainly gives some nice results. It can be a little weird if you get too close in some situations, but it works surprisingly well as a macro lens (with my Pronto Pro adapter) too, and it really gives you quite a unique perspective…

All in all, a very nice addition to my arsenal- and a very nice surprise today!

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