New toy :)

New toy :)

I was a little naughty yesterday and used some of the very generous gift I was given the other weekend on a new camera (big surprise I know!).

It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a while, a Fujifilm X100F. It’s a mirrorless camera with a 24MP APS-C sensor and a gorgeous fixed 23mm (35mm equivalent) f/2 Fujinon lens, all wrapped in a beautiful retro package that looks like an old rangefinder camera (I got the one wrapped in brown leather).

I have read so many reviews of it by other (professional) photographers who love it as their “personal” camera, the one they use for family pictures and for travel and fun. While my Sony A7III is certainly much smaller and lighter than my old Canon 5D3 was, with a lens on it it is still not really easy to carry around everyday- while this is still not exactly a pocket camera it is a much more compact package 🙂 And under the beautiful exterior it is an extremely competent and complete camera- it has a full menu system and a plethora of assignable buttons along with great little touches like a mechanical leaf shutter (and an electronic one too if you need it), a built in ND filter, an amazingly excellent flash, and a great auto-focus system. But one of the best things about it is that it has dials– you don’t set the shutter speed with a menu, you use a dial on the top, and the aperture is set with a ring on the lens- it’s so terrifically tactile (in the same way my Russian vintage lenses are) . And the fixed lens (you can’t take it off and change it) makes you have to think before hitting the shutter and move your body to change the vantage point.

I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of using it as I took it out to the woods this afternoon, but so far I’m super impressed and happy 🙂 Here are some pictures- about half of these are RAW files that have been mildly edited in LightRoom, and about half are jpgs right out of the camera, using some of the “film simulation’ modes etc… but I’ll let you try and work out which are which:

I will still use my Sony for “real” photography when I have an event to shoot or a particular project (and to continue exploring the wonders of my vintage glass) but this is such a nice, compact package that I hope to be able to take it around with me as much as possible and use it to shoot just for fun. And it really is so much fun to use- you have to hold it and play with it and be a photo geek to really understand, but it’s a camera that just wants you to love it and use it and I shall do just that 🙂

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