Like herding cats …

Like herding cats …

Last year we made a nice card to send to all the kids in the parish on their birthdays featuring our dogs (Sasha was on the back):

They actually did sit very nicely with hats on and everything- the only thing I had to do in Photoshop was remove their leashes- this is the original:

Fast forward to this year, and now there are 5 dogs to deal with! The original threesome of Kate’s dog Malloy, Mary’s Athena, and my Holly, and now there’s my Faith and Michael’s Cozy as well.

So today we had a bit of a meet and greet in the Rectory back yard so they could all get acquainted and re- acquainted before we try and do a picture on Wednesday. They all got along very well, but I fear I may be doing a little more in Photoshop for this one- as my test shots show!

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