Fuck Cancer!

Fuck Cancer!

This wonderful, truly gentle man does not deserve this!

My dad has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that has come on stupidly fast and has already spread to his bones, his ribs, shoulder and spine. He has been in the hospital since Monday (UCH in London) and has had more tests and CT scans and MRI scans and nuclear bone scans than you can shake a stick at. I can not say enough good things about the hospital (and thank God for socialized medicine!), they have been absolutely fantastic and are certainly not giving up on him- they are still waiting for the full results of what kind of cancer it is, but already have him scheduled for an initial run of radiation treatment starting tomorrow.

There is a a big meeting tomorrow of the entire team who are overseeing his treatment (the medical team, the oncologists, radiologists, haematologists, the neuro team, physiotherapists, palliative care team and more) when they will hopefully get the full results of the biopsy they did earlier this week and should be able to give us a proper prognosis which will dictate our course of action going forward.

It’s a shit situation. But the family are strong and are rallying round amazingly, both those who are here and those whose support is allowing some of us to be here (and it was so good to able to put dad on a video call with Jackie and Crisp today!). And a huge thank you to my boss Kate for letting me disappear at a moments notice.

So if you do that kind of thing, say a prayer please, and if not just send some positive vibes his way.

I will close with a few more pictures of this lovely man in happier times-

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