Crisp has had a busy day…

Crisp has had a busy day…

Early this morning Crisp set off for a Shakespeare midterm and an Anthropology class, and I was quite surprised when my office door burst open at lunchtime and a very animated and excited Crisp came in to tell me they thought they had possibly found their major!

Apparently there had been conversations before and after class with the Anthropology professor (who has obviously seen something in Crisp and the work that they’ve done) about the fact that Crisp is undeclared and may want to consider Anthropology as a major.

So Crisp went off back to Purchase after lunch for a meeting with the professor to discuss this further, and came back a couple of hours later to announce that as of today they have filled out and handed in the paperwork and are officially registered for a double major in Anthropology and Media Studies!!!

Crisp is so excited about this! I’m a little nervous about the double major part, but apparently most of the Anthro profs also teach MS and there is a huge amount of overlap (and Crisp already has a bunch of requirements for things like studio arts covered with courses from last semester and WCC) so this is not a rarity. And this afternoon the professor (who is now also Crisp’s official faculty adviser) pulled in another of the profs who is a huge D&D nerd and they are already talking about a thesis on the Anthropological Aspects of Dungeons and Dragons as a senior project. So if they think Crisp can do it and the excitement and enthusiasm keeps up this could be something pretty awesome!

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