A pack of two

A pack of two

The dogs have really gelled together over the last couple of months. As well as what we call “silly hour” at home every night when they wrestle and growl and chase each other around the house, they now mostly run together as their own small pack in the woods 🙂

It’s been really interesting to watch them gradually come together. When Faith was first fully off leash she would disappear off hundreds of yards either side of the trail while Holly would mostly trot along with me, but now they are off together chasing squirrels up trees and exploring. Occasionally Faith will still disappear off on her own, but when I stop and call her Holly will look around expectantly and run to meet her when she comes dashing back.

It’s so much fun to watch them together, and it has done wonders for Holly! She was starting to get a little chubby, but now you can feel her ribs again and she seems to have found a new energy 🙂

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