Who are you?

Who are you?

When we got Holly the shelter told us they thought she was a Rat Terrier, I knew right away that there was Border Collie in there and we did a mail-in dna test to find out, which told us that she is in fact 60% Border Collie, 30% Springer Spaniel, and 10% Yorkshire Terrier.

So now of course we have to try and work out what Faith’s genetic make up is (she’d just got back from a muddy run in the woods in the picture below, so she’s tired and filthy)…

There’s obviously some Border Collie in there, but how much, and mixed with what?

One of the people who had fostered her when she was in the shelter is a dog trainer (and I think we owe her a huge debt of thanks for socializing and starting Faith’s training!) who posted a couple of entries on her own blog about her (here and here) and surmised that she is part BC and part Staffordshire Terrier (part of the Pit Bull group). I don’t see that at all; I think that she possibly has some German Shepherd, based on the shape of her head and the way she is kind of low on her back legs when she runs.

It is interesting though, that she does confirm a couple of other things we’d wondered about- Jackie was fairly sure she’d had a litter (she wasn’t spayed until she got to the shelter in October), and at some point her tail was broken (it has a kink in it that doesn’t show because of her feathery hair).

We’ll never know the full details of her previous existence, but I got her dna test kit today, and have taken the required cheek-swab samples ready to mail off tomorrow. So watch this space- hopefully in a couple of weeks a few questions will be answered 🙂

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