Getting used to each other

Getting used to each other

As Faith and I get to know each other better I’m having to get used to a slightly different style of dog walking. Holly, though she is pretty spry for 10 1/2, now never really goes more than about 50 feet ahead of or behind me, and only occasionally runs off to the side to investigate a squirrel or something (I actually haven’t even bothered to bring a leash with me for Holly for years), whereas Faith, when given her freedom, is never still and is often 400 or 500 yards off to one side or the other as she dashes through the woods.

After the time I lost her for about 45 minutes the first week this still makes me a little nervous! But she is never out of sight for long, and if I lose sight of her and call her she comes dashing back within a couple of minutes, checks in , and then dashes off to the other side of the trail. However I will say I’m very glad I got the gps tracker- that little extra confidence that I can pinpoint her on a satellite map anytime I want to is huge 😉

It’s all a learning process as we get used to each other. I’m pretty sure she is “fixed” on me now, I’ve noticed that when there are other dogs about she stays very close to me for reassurance, and at the end of the walk, when I open the car door she bounds in with no hesitation.

Though I will still occasionally take them to the beach, I much prefer the woods, as at the beach I get very little exercise myself as I just walk up and down a bit. So I think I will continue what I’ve been doing the last few days and alternate free walks in the woods (she’s now been round 3 times completely off-leash) with walks with Faith on the 30 foot leash. She seems just as happy either way and I think that little extra reinforcement as we learn to truly trust each other is going to pay dividends later 🙂

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