Faith’s results are in…

Faith’s results are in…

And quite a surprise!

No large percentage of Border Collie or German Shepherd, though they are both represented in the 25% Breed Groups (Guard and Herding). The dog trainer who had fostered her before we had her had posited that she has Staffordshire Terrier in her mix and I guess she was right, but she also thought there was a lot of BC in there too. The biggest surprise is the Chinese Crested, though maybe that explains her feathery tail (we were very surprised when we got Holly’s results that there was Yorkie in there). I guess the AmStaff and the Chow Chow do go a little way to explain her super friendliness with family and reticence with strangers- we thought that was because of something in her past treatment, but it may just be in her genes; she is getting much better though as she meets more people, but she is a big fraidy-cat with dogs she doesn’t know!

Jackie thinks they got things very wrong, but it really doesn’t matter, she’s our Faith whatever her makeup 🙂 I think I shall just say she’s an AmStaff mix with a lot of herding dog in there when people ask.

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