Will you come when I “Whistle”

Will you come when I “Whistle”

We’ve been doing a lot of work with treats and attention while at the beach, and Faith has gotten much better at coming when called. But I’m still a little nervous of what will happen when I eventually let her off leash in the woods.

While I was there the other day (with Faith on a 30 ft, orange leash) I ran into some people who also had one dog on a leash and one off, and they told me that for their untrustworthy dog they have a GPS tracker called a “Whistle“. I looked into it when I got home and decided to give it a try as it has a 90 day money back guarantee (hopefully Faith will be trustworthy by then and I can send it back 😉 ). It arrived yesterday and after charging it we went to the beach this morning and to the woods this afternoon to try it out.

It’s a small (less than an ounce) grey block that clips securely to Faith’s collar and contains a wifi antenna, a cell phone chip and a gps receiver. When Faith is at home (and it’s in range of our home wifi access point) it stays in low power mode, but when it loses the wifi connection it starts to check her location every 6 minutes and I can track that location on my phone on a satellite map. And if we’re out in the woods and I lose sight of her I can put it in “track” mode and it updates her location every minute (as I did for this walk to test it). This uses a lot more battery so it’s not something you want on all the time, but it’s nice to have.

It’s not perfect (as you can see from a couple of odd blips on the map), but it’s actually mostly accurate to within about 100 feet, and if you zoom in on the map it shows both her location and mine in relation to her. The battery is supposed to last 5-7 days between charges and it pings my phone to remind me when it needs charging.

There is a small monthly subscription for the cell service, so hopefully we can phase it out fairly soon, but I think for now this will add some very nice extra piece of mind 🙂

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