There’s always something…

There’s always something…

I was hoping to have a quiet day off just hangin’ with ma bitches (Holly & Faith 😉 ) but this morning I discovered that the faucet on our kitchen sink had developed a nasty leak. The pipe that comes out of the faucet body and supplies the sprayer had split, so every time you turned the water on it sprayed water all over the back of the cabinet. I hoped it was just the hose that supplied the sprayer, which would have been an easy fix, but no, it’s an integral part of the faucet body so the whole thing needed to be replaced.

So, bit of a busman’s day off, but rather than wait for a plumber (and to save the church a few bucks) I ran down to Home Depot and grabbed a replacement and put it in.

Ah well, I’m done and it’s not yet 10:30 so I still have most of the day, and this did force me to declutter everything under the sink as a lot of it was waterlogged 🙂

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