Sunny, cold woods

Sunny, cold woods

It was 1F this morning at 7am, but by mid morning the guys upstairs were done drilling through 20″ of solid stone for the new Guild Room heat-pump system (more on that later) and it had heated up to 9F with a wind chill of -4F (that’s a nice round -20C) so I decided to head out with the girls…

Both got a good layer of Mushers Wax on all 4 feet (great stuff for pooches paws in cold weather!) and I put Faith in a n old coat of Holly’s that is way too small for her (she’s quite a lot longer and taller than Holly) but it did the job to keep her core warm. Holly’s coat from last year is a little tight, so she looked a bit like a sausage, but she also stayed nice and comfortable 🙂

We did the regular loop around the woods at a brisk pace, and with the huge strides Faith has been making in recall at the beach (and with the added confidence of the Whistle tracker) I even let her off leash for some of it- and she did really well! never going out of sight and coming in for a treat every time I called her 🙂

Now we’re settled in and cozy at home, nicely tired out and ready for a nap 😉

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