Printed camera grip

Printed camera grip

As you probably know, I absolutely love my Sony A7iii mirrorless camera! The only problem I have with it is that it is so compact it’s actually too small for my hands- when I’m holding it my pinky hangs in the wind under the body of the camera. I have been using an L-Bracket to make the bottom of the camera bigger (you can see my post about modifying that to fit properly here), but since I recently got the Fotodiox Pro Pronto auto-focus adapter (more about that in a later post once I’ve had a proper chance to marshal my thoughts about it) the bracket won’t fit as it sticks out too far along the bottom front of the camera.

I looked around for another option, and Sony make a small grip extension that screws into the tripod slot and makes the grip area bigger, but it goes for $128.00- which is crazy!!! There is another, third-party one by Meike, but that’s $52, which is still too much.

You will not be surprised that it was my 3D printer that came to the rescue 😉 I did a quick search on Thingiverse (a wonderful site where people post items they’ve designed) turned up this, which someone has designed for the Sony A9, which happens to be exactly the same size as the A7iii 🙂

6 1/2 hours later (I printed it at a high resolution and with a strong infill) I had it in my hands- and it fits perfectly! it has the requisite slots and holes for the battery door so you can move it to the bottom of the grip, and you can change the battery without having to take it off. I ordered a $3 tripod bolt of exactly the right size and added some thin self-adhesive foam sheet around it (it has a recess built in for this) and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

So, about $2 worth of filament, a $3 bolt and $0.10 of foam and I’m good to go. Love it!

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