New year frustration

New year frustration

Happy New Year!

Aaargh! A couple of days ago I started my most ambitious 3D print yet- a 40+ hour print of the TARDIS that I had printed before, Only this time full scale (about a foot high) and using the awesome navy blue filament Jackie got me for Christmas. This was in fact the third try as I’d had to tweak the setting quite a bit to get this filament to work properly- it would appear that different batches and colors, even from the same brand, require calibration- lesson learned. But I’d finally got it dialed in and printed an almost perfect calibration cube so I had a good feeling about this…

Unfortunately when I checked on it on my phone just after midnight I saw that there was some crazy layer shifting going on, so I ran over and stopped it. About 30 hours in and it was one of my best prints yet up to this point 🙁

The top and the body were printed together next to each other, and the top is just about perfect; I decided to cut off the worst of the layer shifting on the body, and so I have been left with a TARDIS about 2/3 of its proper height- it’s still cool, it just looks like it’s been sat on 😉

But undaunted, as you can see from the printer in the background, I am trying again. I’ve found a different, slightly smaller, model to print, this one in 3 pieces, and I’ve tweaked some more settings to hopefully stop it happening again. Wish me luck- I’ll know in about 18 hours if I got it right…

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