Have a little Faith

Have a little Faith

In the US at the moment there is a flurry of people “decluttering” (it’s mostly because of this Netflix show) and Jackie has caught the bug 🙂

Yesterday she cleaned out our linen closet and found a whole bunch of towels we never use (that are the color of our bathroom before it was redone years ago) and so she went onto the decluttering Facebook group she’s joined to find out what to do with them, and the advice came back suggesting we donate them to our local animal shelter. So she told me she was heading to the New Rochelle Humane Society, and I decided to go along for the ride- you can see where this is heading can’t you?

They were very grateful for our donation, and asked if we wanted to look around while we were there- which we did. And in the last pen in the dog room we found a 2 year old Border Collie mix called Faith. Foolishly we took her out for a walk, and after chatting with them we agreed that we would come back tomorrow with Holly to see how they got along… So after church today Crisp, Holly and I went back for a meet’n’greet (Jackie stayed home and did an amazing job with more decluttering to make room for another dog crate in the corner).

While I would not say they are immediate bff’s, they tolerated each other and Faith deferred to Holly over tennis balls and toys in a very encouraging way, and long story short, we are fostering her for 2 weeks to make sure she can fit in with us and will make the adoption formal as long as all goes well- and she is currently happily gnawing on a rawhide on the dogbed next to my chair.

Holly is a little jealous (to be expected) but is actually handling it very well, and Sasha is not too pleased (but will soon put her in her place!)- it’s early days, but so far so good 🙂

The picture at the top is her “official” shelter picture, and here are a couple more from the shelter and in our kitchen…

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