Faith meets the sea

Faith meets the sea

After yesterday’s scare at Saxon Woods (see the other blog here for details) I needed somewhere where Faith and I could work on recalls, and Mary reminded me that in the winter Rye Playland Beach is open to dogs- it’s wide open, full of other dogs, and enclosed 🙂

So we headed there today at lunchtime and had a blast! Holly of course found a tennis ball and had a lovely time (got to be careful not to work her too hard!) and Faith met the sea, chased Holly (and chased and was chased by lots of other dogs), and I think we made some real progress on the recalls, even with all those delicious distractions (I think the bag of cut-up kielbasa left over from last night’s dinner in my pocket helped a lot!).

Apparently it’s open for dogs until April and, though I don’t get many steps on the beach, I think we will alternate between here and the woods for a little while 🙂

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