Thanks BBC Wood Norton

Thanks BBC Wood Norton

So I have successfully hooked the 2 extra wireless microphones that we need for the Pageant into the main church sound system 🙂

I would like to brag that this is only possible through my own extreme cleverness, but on reflection I have to thank the BBC Studio Managers Training Course (IRO 87/2) I took at the BBC training centre at Wood Norton, near Evesham, Worcestershire back in 1987 (wow- 31 years ago!). It was an amazing place with classrooms, fully functional radio and TV studios, dorm-like housing, a cafeteria and bar, and a secret nuclear bunker! They really taught us well- really much more than we needed to know- from the basics of electricity and electronic, acoustics, microphones and sound boards, cameras and fledgling digital editing. I use things I learned there all the time and even though I’m in a very different job now the fact that I still use it shows the great breadth of what they taught. I was always a kid who loved to take things apart and put them back together again, but they gave me the skills to do it with confidence that they would work when I was done 🙂

I Googled Wood Norton when I was going to write this, and was not aware that it was no longer in use (the main house is now an hotel). These two, very contrasting, videos I found really show it: one made in Wood Norton’s heyday in the 1980’s, and one a tour of the abandoned site in 2014…

I find I’m surprisingly hurt by the sight of the place falling to pieces. It was the closest experience I had to life on a college campus for the weeks I was there and I have very fond memories of it.

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