New Lens

New Lens

Holly (I added the vignetting)

So I finally got the lens I ordered ages ago (it’s super popular for good reason and has been backordered forever) and got to put it through it’s paces at out annual Rye England Sunday services this morning.

This is not one of my Russian, vintage lenses, it’s the first “native” lens (that just means designed and built specifically for this camera type only) for Sony full-frame cameras made by a third party manufacturer, a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD. It gets amazing reviews, and now I have it I can see why! And for the price it blows some of the Sony lenses more than twice as expensive out of the water.

I am still super happy with my Canon glass on my Sony A7iii with my Metabones adapter and will continue to use it, but to unleash the true capabilities of this camera you really need native glass- while the Canon glass focuses beautifully in most modes this lens is sooo much faster in the pinch, and this one will work in all modes and in all situations 🙂

And boy is it sharp! It’s tack sharp even wide open and in the lousy lighting in the church- here is a shot from this morning (f/2.8 1/80″, ISO 1250, handheld) full size and then cropped in-

You can see a bunch of the pictures from this morning on the church Facebook page here.

I will still use all my vintage Russian and Japanese lenses when I’m being creative, and my Canon glass (like my beloved f/2.8 70-200mm), but for running and gunning and taking pictures around the church like this morning this is ideal; I think I’m gonna have fun with it over the next few weeks 😉

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