New 3D printer (no. 2)

New 3D printer (no. 2)

The new 3D printer I bought in the Cyber Monday sales arrived yesterday (I know, it’s a sickness). This one is a Creality CR-10 Mini which I got from TinyMachines in Texas. Although it’s called a “Mini” this one has almost 3 times the build volume of the other one (the other one could only print things that would fit in a 10cm cube, this one will print things up to 30cm in 2 directions and 22cm in the other). It’s from a Chinese company, but I bought it from TinyMachines as they import them and then open the boxes and test them, update the firmware (the software inside them that makes them work) and make sure there are no missing pieces, and they are then available on the phone for support- well worth the extra few dollars!

I will not be getting rid of the other one, I will keep it for printing smaller, quick things, but this one is in a different class- not only is it bigger, but it has a heated bed (which means you can print with different materials like ABS) but you can vary the printing temps during the print, have the fan change speeds and much, much more! I spent yesterday evening putting it together and have been in and out today doing test prints and trying to dial in the settings. Like anything when you move from the simpler version up to the more “pro” level the learning curve is appreciably steeper, but that’s part of the fun 🙂 Once I get a handle on it I will be able to print much more useful things out of much stronger materials.

Right now it’s printing a few upgrades for itself- I’ve made a filament guide that keeps the incoming filament away from the greasy bar that moves the printhead up and down, a couple of clips to hold the filament tube in place better, and currently it’s printing a holder that will allow me to mount an SD card adapter so I can use full size cards rather than the fiddly mini ones it uses out of the box. Once those are out of the way we’ll try something fun like a bigger TARDIS or something 🙂

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