For Cris’ final project for the B&W Photography class they’re taking they need to submit 10 pictures, carefully taken, developed and printed (on special, very expensive photo paper!) and all on a single theme. Cris wants to take mostly architectural pictures, so the 50mm lens that’s on my old Pratica MTL3 is not ideal, something wider angle would be better… so off to ebay I went to try and find something suitable- it turns out that the Practica uses the same M42 lens mount as all the old Russian lenses I’ve been buying, so I can kill two birds with one stone and get a lens for Cris to use that I can then use with my Sony A7iii as I already have an adapter- how convenient! 😉

We’ve not gone to Russia this time, but Japan. After much research the sweet spot for 28mm ( a really nice focal length for architecture) seems to be the Super-Takumar 28mm f3.5, and I found a really nice one of the Mk.2 1966-1971 vintage for a very reasonable price.

It arrived yesterday, and of course I had to make sure it works OK before giving it to Crisp, so it came with me and Holly to the woods today. It’s not a super fast lens (f/3.5 max. aperture), but it’s super sharp all the way to the corners, has a very nice field of view and very little vignetting (there is a little in a couple of the following pictures, but I added that in post), and produces some lovely tones, especially in B&W 🙂

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