Photography Class

Photography Class

At last week’s photography class we all brought our cameras and were given 30 minutes to shoot in the area just outside the Humanities Building at Purchase where our class is held. It was getting dark, so this was not an easy assignment, though there are some very interesting artificial lighting elements that made for some fun shots. We all had to take home what we had shot and work on it to see what we could make of it, and tomorrow we will present them in class.

I managed to get 4 interesting pictures, and I thought it would be fun to put them here, both in their original, out-of-the-camera state alongside my final edited versions…

I think my two favorites are the black and white, which kind of has the feel of a Third Man Vienna (is that Harry Lime down at the end?); and the over-processed sidewalk and sky, which has great colors and a nice feel from the narrow depth of field and low angle on the sidewalk. We’ll have to see what everyone else thinks of them tomorrow… πŸ™‚ 

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