More printing fun :)

More printing fun :)

So, day 2 and I’m trying something MUCH more complicated! I printed a little filament guide for the top of the printer this morning, and while I was on Thingiverse (which is absolutely awesome by the way- thousands of files that people have created that you can download and print) I found something really fun to try. I’m not going to say what it is until I know whether it worked (and we’ll all have to wait about 8 more hours to find out).

But I did take a little time today to rig up an old phone in my office (the printer is in my work office- less likely to be knocked by the dog!) so I can monitor how it’s doing from anywhere. This image is from the computer in my home office, but I can pull up the feed on my phone wherever I happen to be 🙂 There are more complicated ways to do this that let you actually control the printer remotely as well, but for now this will at least let me check it’s still running when I’m out and about. If you’re interested, I’m using an app called Alfred.

So now I can go for a nice lunchtime walk with the dog (as today is my day off), and check in on my printer from the woods 🙂

Of course the phone that’s sending this video feed is just propped up on the windowsill- now I have to find and print a proper mount for it…!

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