Last class

Last class

Tomorrow is the last of my photography classes at Purchase, it has been fun even though it was just a “personal enrichment” class so there’s no grade or anything at the end.

We were kind of given carte blanche for what we wanted to do for this last class, and as I have been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and had almost no time to get out and shoot I kind of took the easy route and decided to take the last leaves on the trees as my theme and really took my time choosing from the shots I got a couple of days ago and threw in a couple I had shot previously. Then I tried to get the best possible prints I could, and even broke out the 13″x 19″ paper for one of them (it really does make a huge difference to print them out- they look 100 times better on paper than they do on a screen- even a 4K one like mine!).

So, here are my final 5…

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