First mini

First mini

So I have printed my first mini, a Paladin 🙂 And I have to say I’m pretty impressed! He is only about an inch high, and for something so tiny the level of detail is pretty amazing- and this is only the third thing I’ve printed!

He didn’t come off the printer looking like that, when you print things like this with elements that are not supported from below (his arms, and cloak, for example) the printer needs to print “supports” under them as it prints from the bottom up and can’t print in mid-air (for a fuller explanation, check this webpage).

This is what he looked like, and I definitely need to learn more about supports as I think I included way more than I needed and it took forever to remove them all 😉 

But all-in-all I’me very impressed with my little bargain printer! What shall I print next?

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  1. I haven’t tried yet, but from what I’ve read this material (PLA) should be just like painting store-bought minis, except that the surface is a little rougher from the printing layers.

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