New Printer

New Printer

I am taking a photography course at Purchase this fall on Monday evenings (yes, I got jealous of Crisp), and one of the things that I have learnt so far is the importance of actually printing my work. So I was very excited when I was emailed details of a deal on a Canon professional printer. It’s the Pixma Pro-100 which prints up to 13″x 19″ and has 8 ink tanks (yikes!). It is listed by Canon at $499 and usually goes for $369, but Adorama had it for $309 and they threw in a free 50 pack of 13×19 paper (worth $49), and when you buy it with the paper you are then eligible for a rebate from Canon of $250. It came with free shipping and the total price with tax was $331.79, but when you figure in the $250 I’ll get back from canon plus the value of the free paper ($49) it will have actually cost me $32.79 🙂 This is a pretty good when you consider a full set of ink tanks for it cost $111 on Amazon (thankfully I also found a website where for the same $100 you can get a kit that lets you refill the tanks about 8 times).

Anyhow- it arrived today and it is a behemoth! It weighs 43 lbs and I had to clear out my office and buy a new table to put it on, but boy does it make lovely prints! This is the first time I’ve actually had a printer that makes it worth loading paper profiles and soft-proofing in Lightroom (I have long taken the time to calibrate my monitors), but it’s really worth the effort as the prints that come out of this thing look just like they do on the screen 🙂

Now to edit and print the pictures I took in the woods today for next Monday’s class…


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